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ImageSo …. this past weekend,  a 2017 Gamer told be about a “situation” at his high school where parents of other players and then the coaches of their high school team were criticizing the Gamers program saying that  “the Gamers fees are so high to pay for the Cadillacs”.

I am sure that if this situation is happening there, it is happening other places … so it is going to be addressed since I am the one that drives a Cadillac (not Matt, Scott or Dave). There are ignorant people out there spreading lies and I am going to directly address it so Gamers players and parents understand the truth.

I went to engineering school, worked hard in the the oil industry in the Arctic Circle and the middle of the Gulf, went to Harvard Business School and for the past 25 years have worked by butt off in the business world.  Between my business life and the Gamers, I work over 100 hours a week, every week.  I work hard and am pretty good at what I do.  So, I will drive whatever car I want to drive.

I take ZERO compensation from the Gamers program and have personally invested more money into the program than you can imagine —  well more than one Escalade of money out of my family’s pocket into youth baseball.  Most of this money went directly  to support kids that would not otherwise play select, travel baseball.  So, while others are trying every sly scheme possible to make money in youth baseball and then pointing to my car, I am taking nothing and investing in youth baseball.

Over 100% of the fees from the Gamers program go directly into baseball — coaching, instruction, practice, uniforms, games, etc…. Playing or practicing the actual game.  It is over 100% of fees because corporate sponsors and others (including me) donate money to support the Gamers program mission.  Our fees may be $2100-3000, BUT our kids all get >>$3000 worth of baseball.

Other programs that charge $2-3000 for baseball are delivering significantly less baseball and a lower quality experience, unless you define quality as less practice, poor instruction and lower expectations — which too many people buy into.  It is funny to hear people use “less baseball” as a selling point for their program.  Where does that money go then??

Less baseball = PROFIT.   More baseball =INVESTMENT

Gamers fees go into baseball, not nice cars.

So, for the critics, feel free to criticize the Gamers for working too hard, for running too much, for setting expectations too high, or for making the game a big deal.  If you want to criticize my car, I invite you to spend a month with me and try to keep up.


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  1. Denise Hummel

    No need to justify to anyone…these are people who lack the knowledge or the time to know that what you get out of your program is much more than any other organization offers. We have been nothing but happy with your program since moving our son from another well known organization to yours. Keep up all the hard work that you put in your organization. What you have given to my son is very much appreciated.

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