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The EH/Re-entry Scam

Telling some stories … this one about the first Perfect Game event that was held in St. Louis in 2008 (maybe 2009). Gamers 15u team was taking on the XXXXX’s 16u team at Stan Musial Field in Dellwood. We had a rash of injuries and had already made our subs late in the game. We had no subs left. Our reliever went out in the bottom on 7th, threw a pitch and had to come out. Since the pitcher was a sub, we just re-entered the starter in the outfield and had an outfielder come in to pitch.

The opposing coach, who was very large man at the time, argued that Perfect Game rules did not allow re-entry. I knew this was not true and asked the umpire to call the local PG Tournament director (who happened at the time to run another local team program). The local PG Tournament director said that re-entry was not allowed in PG events, and since we had no subs left, the injured pitcher was going to have to play in the field or we could play with 8.

It gets better we had an EH in the lineup so I just sent the EH to play left field. Again, the large opposing coach argued that the EH was not allowed to take the field and play a position. This was even more stupid than the no-rentry point. So, the ump called the Tournament Director again and the Tournament Director said the the EH could not play in the field. 0-2.

This is exactly what happened. No re-entry and EH could not be on the field — in a PG event.

Our next relief pitcher was standing on the mound for about 15 minutes during these make-believe lineup disputes. We had a 2 run lead so we decided to play with 8 and finish the game. 3 of the next 5 hitters walked, and with bases loaded 2 outs the batter hit a ball down the RF line where the closest outfield was 100 feet away. Three runs scored. It was like the XXXXX’s had won the World Series. The large opposing coach was jumping up and down celebrating like a crazy man. I thought something was going to give out. This was a pool game in early June.

The local HS club baseball scene is much friendlier now than it was in 2008!