Gamers Roster Size (Part 2)

Many locally competing programs/teams point to the Gamers roster size as “why you should play with us”.  Our roster size goals are as follows:

  • 10-12u – 12
  • 13u – 13
  • 14u – 14
  • 15u – 15 + maybe 1-2 added PO’s (12-13 position players)
  • 16u – 16 + maybe 1-2 added PO’s (12-13 position players)
  • 17u – 17 + maybe 1-2 added PO’s (12-13 position players)

For the kind of competition level that we play and depth our our schedule, these roster sizes are on the small side.  

Local teams and programs that claim to operate on 12-14 player rosters at HS ages do not understand this because they do actually compete at high level national events..   We could play local tournaments vs. local teams with 12-14 kids per team.  But, that is not what our program is about.  We compete at the highest level nationally, especially with our Blue teams. Our 15 Blue, 16 Blue, 17 Blue teams were 17-6-1 in WWBA pool play this summer in ATL.  (note — only two other programs in the region even sent 15u, 16u and 17u teams to the WWBA event in ATL).

Our 16 Blue and 17 Blue teams just finished playing 47 games in 52 days against top competition in front >>100 college coaches.  This is a physically taxing grind.  If anything, Gamer rosters sizes are too small for this schedule.  Most of the teams we play against at the national level have 20+ players on the roster.  It is incredibly hard to play 5+ games every weekend with less that 18-21 players at this level of competition.  

In addition, our teams actually practice 2x per week during the season.  This is how we develop players.  Our practice schedule insures that players that do not get as many game reps get a chance to compete and improve outside of games.  Same thing with our 90 minute pregame sessions.  It insures development and reps outside of games.

Teams with 12-14 players on the roster simply do not play and compete at the same level that the Gamers play.  So, if someone is saying this … they are either misleading you OR are simply out of touch with the level of competition at national travel baseball.  Youth baseball has changed a lot in the past decade and is changing every year.



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