Gamers Roster Size (Part 1)

The Gamers roster size policy has always been the following:

  • 12 players up to 12u
  • Roster size = player age at 13u and above
  • At 16u and 17u may be more that 16 or 17 with Pitcher Only players

We deviated from this some this year (2018) and are not happy with the results.

We carried more players at 14u in 2018 because we had three 13u teams moving to 14u the prior year and wanted to give more 14u players a chance to experience the Gamers 14u program.  We carried small rosters at 15u and 17u, with the idea that we would move players around between age groups once the grind of the summer season started.  That happened a lot during June when we had 14’s playing 15 and 16’s playing at 17.  

But, when the 14u Atlanta trip came around, we moved the 14’s back to their age level to better compete in ATL and other events.  And, the 14u players wanted to play with their 14u teammates in the big events, which is understandable.  So, we never fully moved the 14u players to 15u.  After June 30th, we realigned the 15-17u rosters from 6 teams down to 5 teams and kept the 14u players at 14u.  So, for much of April, May and July, we had too many players on our 14u rosters (15 on 14 Gray and 16 on 14 Blue).

This was a mistake on our part.  

However, despite this, the 14u teams played more baseball than any other 14u teams in the region, with ONE WEEKEND off between mid April and the end of July.  Our 14Blue players played in 57 games and practiced 32 times between April 1 and July 22nd.  Our 14 Gray players played 48 games and practiced 32 times during the same period.  This is on top of the 24 practices in the offseason.  When other teams were rained out or snowed out on April weekends, we practiced in our indoor facility.  There is no other baseball opportunity in the region that offers this kind of baseball experience.  

Although the roster size was bigger than planned, the players played A LOT of baseball, developed as players and got a taste of what it takes to compete at a higher level. 



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