Waffle House Lessons – Part 2

The Waffle House kitchen, which is out in the open for everyone to see, is totally paperless and computerless.  Everything is 100% based on spoken and visual cues.  For, example if you ordered three scrambled eggs with bacon, hash browns with cheese and a waffle, the waitress stands at a specific spot on the floor of the kitchen as would say 

“Pull bacon, drop covered, mark triple scrambled hold grits” —  Click here for more details.

As the waitress yells the order, the grill operator 1. Pulls the meat for the order and puts it on grill, 2. drops hash browns on the grill and 3. marks a plate with visual cues for the rest of the order.  

Here is what the visual cues look like:



The result is Good Food Fast, based entirely on spoken and visual cues.  To work at Waffle House, you must memorize and execute under pressure these spoken and visual cues for the entire menu.


That is why only 1 in 80 employees make it through the first year.  It is a different language and operating system.

To work at Waffle House, you need to be able to learn, apply that learning and execute under pressure.  

Sound familiar?

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