Expecting to Succeed

I used to be in awe of youth baseball teams that just “expected” to win, even if they were down a couple of runs late in the game.  You look over into the other dugout, and there is no fear, no anxiety.  Just quiet confidence that the outcome of the game is still to be determined and they will be there at the end.

The early puberty, “big kid” recruited teams usually freak out when they get behind.  This is definitely true by the time they are 15-16 years old, because they have never learned what it takes to truly compete.

It is the hard-nosed, gritty baseball players that stand-out in these situations. They play all seven innings, and the third outs of innings getting harder and harder as the game goes on. Pretty much the definition of Gamers.  That type of player and team is fun to watch.  The game is always on.


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