First Disappointment of the season

Our 5-1 loss in the playoff game Sunday afternoon was ugly.  We had very solid pitching but did not compete at the plate and made too many defensive mistakes.  Energy level and focus.

My focus after the game was on two things —

1. Leaving 7 pieces of trash in the dugout after the game

2. The bench players watching the next door game during our game (with the tying run at the plate)

I told the boys that I was asking them to not be typical 14 year olds.  Instead, they need to become 14 year old elite baseball players.  That is not easy.  But, mental discipline and commitment to doing things the right way separates elite players from everyone else.

So, our challenge over the next 15 months is to mold these players into elite baseball players. Going to take a lot of hard work and a little pain.  But, I am sure the coaching staff is up to it.

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