How to Hack a Stalker Radar Gun

I remember being fascinated by wave theory and propagation calculations back in my engineering days.  It is the technology that we used at British Petroleum to drill for oil and develop the North Slope oil fields.  Shoot sound or pressure waves, measure reflection and time at the surface and you can map what is 20,000 feet underground.  Really cool technology.

Now, 30 years later, all those smarts are now on built into a $1200 radar gun with the Stalker Pro II, an incredible piece of technology.  You can make adjustments and option settings to automatically compensate for lots of conditions.  All menu driven and easy to do. We literally used a Cray mainframe computer for these calculations in the 1980’s.

So, here’s a easy hack to pick up 3mph on your fastball.

1 – Turn on the gun

2 – hold down Menu button for 1 second

3 – select Option 10 called “Cosine Angle” (evidently just called angle with some software)

4 – input 15

exit out of Menu, then voila, the gun will read 3.4% higher. So, an 82 mph fastball will read 85 on the gun display.  If you input 30 with Option 10, the gun will display 94mph for your 82 mph pitch.  At some point is gets out of control.  If you input 45 on Option 10, the gun will read 115 mph.  That might be a little much, but it makes you feel like Aroldis Chapman.

So, a key part of this Stalker hack is to be realistic setting Option 10 and then take a picture of the gun reading to reflect the higher reading. Because, if it is on the gun, it will generally be considered true.

Great news  … Stalker has now made this hack feature available on ALL models, including the $499 Sport II model.  The options are a little different so you’ll to read the manuals online.

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