Personal Record – 101 Games, 102 practices

2014 baseball season ended for me last night.  Bitter sweet.  Managed to break my personal record for number of games coached this year: 30 with 14u in April/May, 49 with 15u summer and 32 with 16u Fall — 101 total.  Got to 99 last year, and to exactly 100 in 2005 and 2006.  101 probably will end up being personal best.

Way eclipsed the total practice time this year though … 102 total team practices (non-game days).  20 more than prior years, thanks to double duty with 14u during the Winter program.

Very rewarding to work with so many fine young men over the course of 10 months.  I am honored to coach them and keep learning stuff all the time.

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