Up the Middle and Oppo

Four phrases comprise 90% of my coaching of hitters during games”

Be aggressive

Let the ball travel

Attack the inside half

Keep your head still

I probably stay each of the above phrases 10+ times per game.  Here is how these phrases all stick together:

Through 11 games this fall ….

When we put the ball in play to the pulls side, we are hitting .259

When we put the ball in play up the middle or oppo, we are hitting .456.

That is a really big range — 200 points of batting average.  Most pitchers are throwing fastballs away and off speed.  We cannot try to pull these pitches.  If we do, we will hit .260 or less.  Instead, if we take an up the middle/opp approach, we will hit .460.  Eventually, if we keep hitting the ball oppo, pitchers will make adjustment and start pitching us inside.  The we have them where we want them.  But, if we keep rolling over on away pitches, we will never see inside pitches — pitchers will just keep pounding us away.

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