Competitive Dynamics

So, extending the work from 1-Pitch Warrior, this is how the 16 Blue team has done so far this weekend:

Which Gam                   Game1  Game 2    Game 3

Shutdown Inning              2           3                1

Big Inning                        0            1               0

Answer Back                   1            1               0

Extend Lead                    2            2               0

Game Score               5-2W       16-2W       2-3L

There is a lot to this regarding how a team competes during the game.  It a good measure of tenacity, intensity and focus.

Can we put a zero up after we score?

Can we strong good At-Bats together to create a Big Inning?

Can we answer back with a run after the opponent scores?

Can we extend the lead once we get it by adding on runs?

It is like turnovers and offensive rebounds in basketball.  A direct measurement of competitive tenacity.

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