“Process” Based Stats

I have been doing some reading of the “1-Pitch Warrior” material at http://www.1pitchwarrior.com.

The approach has a lot of overlap with the Gamers approach, including:

QAB — Quality At-Bats, to measure hitter performance (instead of batting average)

First Pitch Strikes – our target is 67%

Overall Strikes – our target is >60%

Defensive Walks + Errors – less than 5 is target

Win three innings (if you do this, you win 90% of games)

In addition to these, 1-Pitch Warrior talks about some other team based measures such as:

Shutdown Inning — putting up a zero after your team scores

Big Inning — scoring 3 or more runs in an inning

Answer back inning — scoring immediately after the other team scores

Extend lead inning — score to extend the lead, adding on insurance runs

I like these measurements because they reflect the competitive ebb & flow of the game.  Coach Dehmer has the same crazy stats as me — if you achieve just three of the above in 7 innings, you will win 90% of your games.

Going to start adding those to the Gamers vocabulary.

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