Lessons from Waffle House — Part 3, Culture

Organizations, businesses, schools, teams — any group of people together for a period of time — develop a “culture”.  It is hard to define exactly, but culture is how people act and interact when they are together.  It is “how we do things” together.

The Waffle House culture is iconic, especially in the South.  A 24×7 restaurant delivering “Good Food, Fast” in hundreds of locations is not easy.  Waffle House’s culture is the foundation of its success.   Here is a short video on the Waffle House culture.


Culture matters.  It enables team members to hold themselves and each other accountable to a standard of expectations.

For the Gamers, our name embodies our culture.  Wikipedia definition of a Gamer — “A player who plays particularly hard  and is prone to making the right play at the right time, often in big games”.  Gamers Play Big, and play hard.  

Our specific style of play and expectations are written down and define our culture.   We hold each other accountable to these expectations.Image


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