14u in PG25 Central

Other than a few issues regarding competitive courage and Playing Big, I am very proud of the 14u Gamers this weekend.  Becoming baseball players is a PROCESS.  And, we made a step forward this weekend.  We had a CF with a huge chunk of flesh out of his leg ready to start the next game but was trapped by urgent care, we had a RHP dominate a very good 15u team, we had three other great pitching performances, we played catcher like studs and had a 3B and SS make every play with guts.  

Also we ran 34 poles.

Here is the other side….  Through 4 innings, the cumulative score of our games was 5-2.  The final score after 7 innings was 17-2.  What happened in innings 5, 6 and 7?  We can compete against good 15u teams if we play 7 innings!

Two issues — courage and confidence.  

Answer is to Play Big. It is really that easy.  Not mechanics, not strategy, not anything but allowing yourself to Play Big.


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