Being Exceptional

When a kid gets to about 14 years old and decides to put his heart into something, it is such an honorable and courageous act.

There are A LOT of distractions for young men these days.  AND, there is as much pressure as ever to “fit in”. But, most people that are exceptional at something do not necessarily fit in.  That is not a criteria for being exceptional.  Malcom Gladwell’s book “Outliers” gives a lot of insight into what makes people exceptional — from business, to sports, to music, etc..

At the fundamental level, becoming exceptional is a process, comprised of hard work, passion and deliberate repetitions in the right environment.  That is the basis for being exceptional — and that is why it is so honorable and courageous.  Young men (and adults!) in this process are naturally going to be a little different and are going have an edge to them.  That is part of what allows them to be exceptional.

What better sport than baseball as a platform for teaching this process?


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