14u Gamers Team Identity

“Team identity” is a amorphous term.  It is the underlying chemistry and culture that a team develops when they practice and compete.  It can be a big positive, and it can be a big negative.

Individual player success and team success improves significantly when a positive team energy emerges.  The coaching staff is responsible for setting the overall environment, boundaries and expectations of team identity.  That is what John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success is all about.  But, the players fill in the blanks from there.

Sometimes it takes 2 weeks and sometimes 2 months.  But, when it happens, it is pretty easy to see.

As a coach, I can provide my first input on this.  Step 1 for this team is to play with high Energy Level and Passion — think Dustin Pedroia & David Eckstein, That will provide a foundation for lots of good things to follow.


One response

  1. Tenacity, game, grit…call it what you want. Always looking for that kid that goes head first and plays with controlled violence. Usually, this is the kid getting chewed out for going head first when a hook slide would have been safer. I believe if a kid plays without fear; he less likely to suffer a serious injury. Seriously, how do you tell a kid to play with less intensity and still make the point of taking care of his body? Lets assume the kid has some common sense to start with and is passionate about the game.

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