14u April 3rd

We had a “make-up” practice on Thursday since our outdoor practice was rained out on Tuesday.  Our practice was at 8:30.  At 7:30 the tornado warnings and local weather enthusiasts starting going off.  We only had 10 kids show up a practice because of the weather threat.  A was very tempted at 7:45 to put out a message that I expected everyone to be at practice, regardless of the thunderstorms.  But, I was afraid that if I did that, a tornado would hit ASP and it would be my fault.  So, I just left it vague.  Ten kids, to their credit (and their brave parents) showed up and we had a great practice.  The other 7 did not show up — without penalty.

There are a million potential excuses to cancel practice.  That is a very slippery slope!! Unless fields are too wet, we will practice.  If fields are too wet, I will try to move indoors or on the outdoor turf at ASP.  We are asking our players to do exceptional things and will give them every opportunity. 

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