Truth Prevails

Back in 2007, our first year of the Gamers program, our oldest teams were 16u. One of the teams was very talented. Another local program called every player on our 16u roster and told them:

“The Gamers can never get you into college baseball. They don’t have the connections that I have. If you want to play college or professional baseball, you need to play with me. I promise that you will play D1 baseball or be drafted if you play with me. And, you won’t have to pay a dime. I’ll just add you to our existing 18 player rosters and let the other players pay for you to play”
That is pretty much verbatim the sales pitch.
One dad/player fell for the sales pitch. They promised that he would be a high round draft pick if he changed programs. He made the change the first weekend of the summer without any advance notice to us. He was never close to being drafted and is currently on the roster of a D1 program at a state school where he probably would have received a 100% academic scholarship with or without baseball.
Since then, 55 Gamers players from the classes of 2010 and 2011 have NOT fallen for the false promises. They have worked hard, become good players, and made it into college baseball through their efforts in the Gamers program. 55 players in the past 2 years.
But, the sales pitch and false promises continue from other programs. Ad nauseum.
No administrator or baseball program can promise your son a college baseball scholarship or a high round draft pick. This kind of talk belongs on the used car lot.
These opportunities are totally within control of the player. If you are talented, athletic, play the game right, work hard in the weight room and get good grades, you create your own opportunity to play college or professional baseball. No one does it for you. You do it yourself.
55 players in 2 years playing college baseball. And they did it themselves, as part of the Gamers program. We are proud of them.
No promises, no free passes. Just old fashioned sweat and effort.
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