Start of Gamers Winter Workouts

Next Saturday (Dec. 4th), we officially start our 4th year of winter workouts in the Gamers program. We are continually tweaking details of the program, to make the training more effective and to make it better and better every year. So, there are a few changes in store for this winter.

But, the underlying principles of our winter program remain the same:
  • The baseball skills and fundamentals taught are based on what is successful at the highest level of baseball.
  • All age groups, from 12u to 18u, are taught the same skills and fundamentals.
  • The 3 1/2 hours on Saturday and 2 1/2 hour rep sessions are quick paced, intense workouts.
  • The coaching and instruction is the best available, and there is a lot of it. Four Gamers directors (Whiteside, Cooper, Pregon and Gallion) and 3 lead instructors (Beckmann, Wheeler, Rosen) lead Saturday practices. This is in addition to 4 team coaches at each age group.
  • Performance training is built into the program, because you must first be a good athlete before you can become a good baseball player.
  • The Gamers life lesson program is weaved throughout the 12 weeks of winter workouts.
Most of our players improve significantly during the winter workouts, and go on to have great high school and Spring/Summer seasons. Players that improve the most do the following:
  1. Attend every session on Saturdays and rep sessions. If they need to miss a time slot, they make it up by attending another time slot on Saturdays or another team’s rep session.
  2. Show up properly hydrated and fueled, with a healthy snack to eat on Saturdays before the Hammerbodies session.
  3. Listen and apply instruction, even if it feels uncomfortable at first.
  4. Work hard and stay focused, even if a coach is not watching.
  5. Are engaged and energetic during the workout — we love high energy players who want to get better.
  6. Show up on time, with the proper workout uniform and looking like a Gamer.
If a player does those six things, he will have great winter experience and significantly improve his baseball skills.
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