Reality of the College Baseball Process

The following is an article written 4 years ago when the Gamers program was started. It is a good foundation for the college baseball process.

The Reality of College Baseball

There is a lot “misinformation” in the youth baseball world about the college baseball process. Some team programs and recruiting services market themselves as THE REASON that 17-18 year olds boys get college scholarships or get drafted into professional baseball. Their websites bear lists of players that these businesses take credit for.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is that players get college scholarships to play baseball because they are gifted baseball players, outstanding athletes and good students. It is that simple. Secret sauces or hocus pocus are not part of the equation.

If a player aspires to play college or even professional baseball, then his best bet is to play with a program that focuses on the following:

1. Teaching him to play baseball the right way, at the highest levels

2. Developing his skills through lots of repetitions, lots of practice and top-level instruction

3. Developing him as an overall athlete

4. Encouraging and supporting academic achievement

5. Teaching him how to become a mature, mentally tough player

6. Teaching him life lessons that can be applied on and off the field

There are no shortcuts. No program can promise a college scholarship, at any price. But, a program can promise to do these six things. These are core to the Gamer program. This is how college baseball opportunities are created for 95% of aspiring young players.

In addition to player development, a progam can also offer players exposure to college coaches or professional scouts through:

1. Teaching the student-athlete to proactively market himself to college coaches.

2. Showcase events

3. Participation in college camps

4. Participation high profile, recruited tournaments

This is how players create their own opportunities to play college baseball. It takes all four of these elements, all of which are strongly supported by the Gamers program.

When Gamers players do eventually get a college roster spot or get drafted, it will be because they are hard-working, skilled baseball players, good athletes, good students and mature young men.

Sure, it doesn’t hurt to have coaches and program directors with a broad network of college coach contacts and a strong reputation for assessing and developing talent. But, as a player, you cannot depend on that unless you develop yourself as a player and a young man. Ultimately, each individual player is in control of this process.

This is the reality of college baseball. You cannot pay someone to do it for you.

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